Music Launch of Hijrat

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The cast of the upcoming romantic movie Hijrat which is written and directed by Farooq Mengal and produced under the banner of Farooq Mengal (FM) Productions met the media here today at Hijrat’s music launch. The film, which will be distributed nationwide by HUM Films and Eveready Group of Companies is a love story which plays out in the foreground of the exodus of millions of people from Afghanistan to Pakistan following the Afghan War.

The cast includes fresh talent in lead roles with model-turned-actor Asad Zaman as the male protagonist, and Rabia Butt and Rubab Ali as the female protagonists. Industry veterans like Nadeem, Ayub Khoso, Durdana Butt, Jamal Shah, Mahjabeen, Saima Baloch and Noaman Aijaz also make up the cast of Hijrat. Film star Sana also makes a special guest appearance in the film.

The programme, hosted by Shanaz Ramzi, CEO STARLINKS PR began with a welcome and a brief introduction about the movie. The atmosphere throughout the Meet and Greet was light-hearted and charged, especially because of the presence of Ali Azmat who has lent his musical talent to the Hijrat soundtrack.

Among those who spoke on the occasion were Farooq Mengal, Asad Zaman, Rabia Butt, Rubab Ali, Mahjabeen, Saima Baloch, Ayub Khoso, Jamal Shah, Durdana Butt, Ali Azmat, Nadeem and Sana. They shared their experiences on set spanning both Pakistan and Turkey,while the cast making its debut on the silver screen also spoke about making the transition to the big screen. Ali Azmat spoke at length on the music of Hijrat. Without giving too much of the story away, the cast talked about how while the movie is part of the ongoing resurgence of Pakistani Cinema, they hoped that it would also help throw light on the history of Pakistan.

An animated question and answer session followed, leaving everyone waiting excitedly about the screening of the film.
The movie hits cinemas nationwide on April 22, 2016.

The PR of the event was done by STARLINKS PR and Events.


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