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Well I am glad to see that our film industry has finally growing in all directions. From action packed Waar and Yalghar to successful comedies like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Na Maloom Afrad, from emotional drama like Main Panjab Nahi Jaungi, Arth and finally a master piece of art in a genre that has always been one of the most liked, specially by ladies, a classic horror film, Pari.
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A horror film is a highly sensitive and technical genre where silence is the loudest element. The art of film making is absolute essential; the lights, camera moves and the music are the master players.
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One cannot simply dodge it by witty dialogues and commercial songs. And after watching the trailer of Pari I was glad to see that the director Syed Atif Ali was able to deliver all the essential elements of a classic horror.
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The music induced a cold wave of fear and excitement. Absolutely loved the chairs moving on its own in the beams of blue moon lights.
The location of the cottage seemed to have been built just for the film, the color grading which by the way is one of the biggest is missing elements in our films seemed to be at its best in the trailer.
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And how could one not simply stand up and clap for the technology used for the classic makeover of the demonic nun.
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I simply cannot but appreciate when one of our film makers manage to make something of international caliber because we all know that our film industry has just risen from the ashes, we are so late compared to other industries and our film makers have a far less in their hands whether be it technical crew or budget.
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And therefore nun of Pari, as much as scary she was, I just loved her. Though director Atif Ali has many times delivered us best in TV, I also trust the two most respected actors in our industry Saleem Meraj and Qawi Khan to be part of something worth your time.
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Review by Atiq Inayat John

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