Pro Director Jamshed Jan Muhammad Signed for Action-Comedy Flick ” Band Bajj Gaii”


UK Films announced ” Band Bajj Gaii”, action-comedy, have on board Jamshed Jan Muhammad as Director and captain of the ship for the venture. Jamshed Jan who is currently busy in his own 2nd venture ” Jawani Lay Doobi”, have on his credit ” Sawal 700 Carore Dollar ka” released on EID in 2016 which gave a good competition on box office to Salman Khan’s “Sultan”.
Jamshaid Jan

The movie will be the first venture under UK Film Banner and will be an out and out action and comedy. New talent will be introduced against veteran actors.

Jamshed Jan mentioned that “Band Bajj Gaii” will be an out and out comedy-action-thriller and people would love the subject as its their own story and they can easily relate to the subject and current issues, dealt lightly in the movie without offending any ones emotions and morals. On Film’s music score, mentioned that in the past our film music has always been instrumental in film’s success so we are putting our soul in music and want to give our best shot so the audience may also appreciate and can remember the music for a long long time.
upon casting on the movie, he mentioned that cast will be finalized as soon as the script is completed in all respect and we will introduce some new faces with veteran stars. On his own venture ” Jawani Lay Doobi”, he elaborated that the script is in final stages and either of the movies will go on set for which the actors confirm dates first.

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