Mother’s Day Celebrations With Celebrity Mothers At Dolmen Mall

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Dolmen Malls, Pakistan’s first malls built to an international standard, celebrated Mother’s Day from May 6th to May 8th, 2016 across all three stations. The 3 day event paid tribute to mothers through a unique mix of interactive activities, surprise sales and gifts & giveaways.

Shoppers thronged outlets as they went on discounts for the weekend and bought gifts for their mothers. Special decorations adorned the mall and stalls were set up to sell chocolates, flowers and cosmetics as gift items while the customers got their presents wrapped for free at a gift wrapping station created especially for this event. Also among the attractions was a beautiful Photo and Message wall which quickly became one of the most talked about aspects of the celebrations as customers flocked to pose with their mothers, creating unforgettable memories to mark the occasion.

The launch event which took place on Friday 6th may 2016 at Dolmen Clifton saw celebrity mothers like Aiza Khan , Javeria Abbasi, Tabassum Arif, Fazila Qazi, Sarwat Gilani, Anum Tanweer, Sumbal Iqbal along with their kids enjoying mother’s activities organized by the mall. The media and Pr for the event was handled by Takell PR.

The highlight of the event was the Special Mother’s Day edition of the recently launched Dolmen Bazaar held on the second floor of Dolmen Mall Clifton. With a special emphasis on Gift items for Mothers, the Bazaar provided no less than 5 product categories ranging from Exclusive handmade products to Home Décor items to exotic food options. In essence, Dolmen Bazaar provided customers the opportunity to buy inimitable gifts for their mothers which they won’t find anywhere else!

We hold such festivals so the whole family can come, shop, eat and have fun. And what better way to spend time with your family than on Mother’s Day,” said, Anum Nadeem, Marketing Head for Dolmen Malls. She further added that Dolmen Malls strive to offer a diverse mix of retail and food options to ensure that each member of the family can have a good time at the malls. The newly launched Dolmen Bazaar, which will held on a weekly basis, is testament to that very vision.

All in all, the Mother’s Day celebrations held at Dolmen Malls not only served to pay respect to Mothers, but provided a welcome escape for families looking to have a good time over the weekends. As ever, Dolmen Malls continue to raise the bar when it comes to Family Fun and Entertainment.

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