About Us

About Us

Metro Live Co.

Metro Live was established in 2008 as premier publication house in Pakistan. By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH now we consists of three companies (Metro Live Magazine, Brand New Magazine and Metro Live TV) under the supervision of Mr. Umar Khitab Khan (The C.E.O of Metro Live Co.)

Metro Live is engaged with new ideas and innovations in Media. We are the pioneers of web TV industry as live broadcasters. We are pleased to introduce first web TV. It is not a typical Video portal but it provides LIVE broadcasting 24/7. We produce best entertainment and informative programming as well.

This TV Channel works more than ordinary TV Channel because it has strong viewership through internet all over the world on Desktop, Tablet, Mobiles, Laptop etc. We produce best family entertainment and our tag line is showing our motive that “Live it LIVE”

Our Team:

The Metro Live team consists of experienced senior executives and technology specialists. The Metro Live has on average more than 8 years of experience. Each team member possesses specialized industry knowledge and brings a global network of renowned industry and technology experts.

Research & Development:

Our research and development facilities enable us to develop specific quality and demand. The experience of our technical team enables us to provide assistance to clients for new products development.

Commitment To Service:

We believe in honest and transparent vision in business and are proud of our endeavors, quality control and constant innovations. Through our committed efforts, we have been able to win the trust of our valuable viewers & clients.

Through The Looking Glass:

A lot of what we are today comes from our attitude and our conviction. With significant contributions from the extended family of those who have worked with us and continue to do so. The lasting and overwhelming support of our viewers & clients has motivated us to put in our best to bring them excellent programs. This is a celebration of our proud past and an anticipation of a glowing future. The future indeed holds a promise for us.