MCB Bank Ltd participates in The Orange Tree Carnival to raise support for child education


MCB Bank Ltd, Pakistan’s leading private sector bank, participated in the one-day fund raising initiative The Orange Tree Carnival by acclaimed NGO the Orange Tree Foundation.In addition to event sponsorship, MCB Bank placed its mobile ATM at the Carnival to facilitate participants at the venue. The ticketed event was organized by the NGO to raise funds for the education and healthcare of Karachi’s underprivileged children.
The Carnival featured a full day of fun activities including play rides, games, a Grand Ladies Bazaar, the Savari Express and a multitude of food stalls. Students from prominent academic institutions including Karachi Grammar School, Bay View Academy and Reflections attended the Carnival with enthusiasm and zeal.
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MCB Bank Limited strongly believes in its corporate social responsibility and has undertaken numerous CSR initiatives in the areas of education, health, environment and social awareness in the past. The Bank has made significant contributions to the welfare of charitable institutes and NGOs, including Edhi Foundation, SKMCH and Pink Ribbon among others. The Pakistan Center of Philanthropy awarded MCB Bank the PCP Corporate Philanthropy Award in 2012 for its far-reaching CSR efforts.
Orange Tree Foundation is a Karachi based not-for-profit educational society that works to support education of deserving kids in mainstream schools. The program targets Karachi-based working families who are financially challenged yet at the same time, eager to provide the best available education standard to their children.The Foundation supports the expenses related to the sponsored kid’s education and health, also ensuring that the child completes his/her education and is taken to a professional level in the respective career of his/her choice

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