MCB Bank organizes seminar on “External Sector of Pakistan: The Road Ahead”


MCB Bank, one of the largest and most innovative banks in Pakistan,held a seminar titled “External Sector of Pakistan: The Road Ahead” for its select clients and key industry stakeholders.

The seminar was organized by MCB Bank to inform its customers of the dynamics of the external sector of Pakistan and its present status. The event also covered measures for suitable course of action to reduce risk exposure through the use of various product offerings from MCB Bank. The seminar was largely attended by the senior management personnel of large and medium Pakistani corporates and businesses.
Mr. Salman Zaidi, Group Head Treasury and FX Group MCB and other team members at the MCB Seminar [F]

Mr. Salman Zaidi, Group Head Treasury and FX Group MCB, welcomed guests and briefly explained the initiatives taken by MCB Bank Treasury and FX Group to engage with their clients. Mr. Amer Nazir Khan, Head of Treasury Sales then briefly introduced the topic and initiated discussion at the seminar. Mr. Nausherwan Saleem, Senior Dealer FX Market, went on to explain the various components of Pakistan’s external sector such as trade balance, remittances, foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment and external debt and how each part contributes to the country’s balance of payments position. He also briefly discussed the road ahead for the external sector.

Also speaking at the seminar, Mr. Muhammad Aadil Ismail Derivatives Dealer at MCB Treasury, CFA informed customers about the various product offerings at MCB which could be used to hedge against risks and also take advantage of economic opportunities.The seminar concluded after a detailed Q&A session in which guests actively participated to discuss the external sector of Pakistan as well as the use of financial derivatives.

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