Maybelline New York celebrates the #MakerWomen Movement and their anthem “Humsa Ho Tou Samnay Aye” at star studded soirée!


Following the launch of the Maker Women celebration movement with the release of anthem “Humsa Ho Tou Samnay” in Pakistan, Global trend setting brand, Maybelline New York held a soirée in Karachi to celebrate women who make It happen, hosted by the brand and their spokesperson, celebrity Ayesha Omar.
The soirée included a special screening of the anthem and a live musical performance by vocalist Alicia Dias. In attendance at the event were powerhouses from the entertainment, fashion, film and acting fraternities including Mansha Pasha, Hira Tareen, Nadia Hussain, Zhalay Sarhadi, Wardah Saleem, Maliha Aziz, Kiran Aman, Tapu Javeri, Ali Safina, Adeel Hussain, Sana Bucha, Huma Nassr, Frieha Altaf, Saima Rashid Bargfrede, Adnan Pardesy, Sanam Chaudhri, Areeba Habib, Rubab Hayat, Huma Amir Shah, Saad Hayat and Junaid Khan.
Managing Director L'Oreal Pakistan, Musharaf Hai with General Manager Farooq Ahmed, Maybelline New York's Local Spokesperson Ayesha Omar and Marketing Director Oneeb Malik - #MaybellinePakistan (1)
“Humsa Ho Tou Samnay Aye” celebrates women and the strength that they stand for; ‘Maker Women’ who are the heroes of their own lives and who Make IT Happen every day. The video features Actor and Maybelline New York brand ambassador Ayesha Omar, musician Zoe Viccaji, artist Naveen Shakil, MMA fighter Sarah Tareen, story teller AlinaEhtesham and unfolds against the soulful voice of maestro Ali Sethi.
For Maybelline, a #MakerWoman is someone who wakes up every morning and walks out into the world like it’s her own. She owns it. She faces challenges by standing up and making her voice heard. She embraces life and is proud of her individuality. She is bold, fierce and unstoppable. Above all, she believes in her ability to #MakeItHappen. She is a movement.
The #MakerWoman is all around you. She is the woman juggling deadlines at work, the woman turning her house into a home, the woman that is journeying her world, evolving within and without. She is the woman staring right back at you in the mirror. Maybelline New York’s Maker Woman is YOU!
Synonymous with its inspiration, the women in the brand film are MAKERS of their own destiny; women who each day, seize and embrace their journey; that create their journey.
The anthem is a true manifestation of the Maybelline legacy; to celebrate the power of YOU.

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