Marzi – Because Love Never Asks To Happen, It Happens!

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Falling in love is an astound phenomenon which cannot be explained or predicted. It just happens and when it occurs, everything in the world seems useless. A person’s greatest fears are suddenly suppressed and this is what Manaal faces when she falls in love with Zain, whole-heartedly. But being emotionally concealed by her sister’s husband, Irfan, Manaal has to lead a monetarily compromised life with her mother and brother under the roof of Irfan who is rich and supports them but dominantly.

Manaal’s love for Zain give her courage to stand against the oppression of Irfan, but Zain tries to stay away from her as he is Irfan’s cousin, and his sister Maryam is married into Irfan’s family and also, Zain’s takes care of Irfan’s lands. So the emotional relationship is one sided because Zain doesn’t want to get involved with anyone that has any connection with Irfan. However, Irfan thinks that Zain is also caressing the same feelings and Manaal is deliberately going against his decision, since he is not in the favor of this relationship.

Presented by Baber Javed, directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and written by Ali Moeen, the drama serial Marzi signifies the struggle of Manaal for a suppression free life, as Irfan’s dominating behavior irks her, therefore she wants both of them to be strong and go against her brother- in-law’s wishes.

Will she be able to convince Zain? Will Zain love her back? Will she be able to stand against Irfan? Is her one sided love strong enough to fulfill her aspirations?

With all the questions, and the cast including Rabab Hashim, Jana Malik, Babar Ali, Junaid Khan, Najia Baig and Khalid Saleem Butt, the drama serial Marzi, will start on 14th July, Thursday at 8:00 pm on Geo.


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