L’Oreal Professional launched IT LOOKS 2016 in collaboration with International Technical Consultant Tarek Rizk

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L’Oreal Professional, the Parisian house of hairdressing, proudly introduced the global IT LOOKS 2016 at an intimate evening which took place at the Marriott in Karachi on 10th April 2016. The tailor made hair colors Blond Bronze & Brilliant Burgundy were the main focus at the launch event.Featuring the hair looks for Spring/Summer, the idea wasto inspire salons to learn the high fashion, edgy and inspirational IT LOOKS for 2016. The IT LOOKS Roadshows kicked off in Karachi on 10th April which will be followed by Lahore on the 12th of April and Islamabad/Rawalpindi on the 14th of April 2016.

The introduction was moderated by Emaan Ahmed, Junior Product Manager L’Oreal Professional, who talked about the inspiration for both the IT LOOKS which were introduced with an interactive beauty showcase featuring Tarek Rizk,Zara Peerzada in her Brilliant Burgundy and Hareem Farooq in her Blond Bronze. The next session was conducted by Tanzila Hashwani, Education Manager L’Oreal Professional, where she discussed how different products were used to achieve and localize the looks. TarekRizk also demonstrated the IT LOOKS on six other models live on the stage which each look adapted for the local aesthetics. The looks for these six models were localized versions of the IT LOOKS 2016. Also in attendance were Salman Amjad, General Manager Professional Products Division, Hassan Bangash, Product Manager L’Oreal Professional, Masarrat Misbah, founder of Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute, Mehr Najeeb and PalwashayYousuf of Mehr Najeeb salon,Farhat Ehsan from Rose and jewelry designer Nazneen Tariq along with members of the esteemed press.

Salman Amjad, General Manager Division of Professional Products of L’Oreal Pakistan, said; “IT LOOKS is all about the latest looks, trends and hair styles from across the globe. Our aim is to inspire and encourage our partnering salons to recreate these looks locally. We are really excited to showcase the IT LOOKS with local IT Girls – Hareem & Zara; this is first for L’Oreal Professional in Pakistan.

For 2016, the Roadshow was conducted by TarekRizk, an International Hair Technical Consultant who is partnering with L’Oreal Professional Pakistan to bring the international IT LOOKS for 2016 in Pakistan. Hailing from Lebanon, Tarek is a renowned hairdresser with extensive experience of working in the beauty industry having styled various Lebanese celebrities at his salon in Beirut. An ambassador for L’Oreal in the Middle East, Tarek is also a member of Haute Coiffure Francaise in France.

The IT LOOKS for 2016 take inspiration from street style fashion across the globe. The Blond Bronze look is for high fashion, brilliance and style and yet has a fun friendly feel to it, while the Brilliant Burgundy is more edgy and inspirational. These looks have been created in Pakistan by using L’Oreal Professional’s signature brand, Majirel – an exclusive salon brand that provides customers to choose from over a 100 hair color shades.

L’Oreal Professional’s IT LOOKS for 2016 can be achieved at selected L’Oreal Professional partner hair salons across the country from 15th April and onwards.

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