Layla Chatoor Pret Studio Launch and Liberte Summer Resort and Summer Pret 2016


Designer Layla Chatoor held an exclusive press viewing of her new summer pret and summer resort collections at her new walk-in studio.

Known for her delicate, feminine aesthetic, Layla Chatoor is celebrating her 22nd year in fashion. Her intricate, contemporary bridals combine exquisite craftsmanship and a fashion forward aesthetic. Having previously confined her popular pret to periodic exhibitions, Layla has now inaugurated a permanent walk-in studio for pret and light formals.

Her latest summer pret collection includes a fusion range that includes statement digitally printed pants in pure silk and a variety of tops in various cuts. The collection also features more formal outfits in silk, silk-net, organza and maysuri silk, delicately embellished with threadwork, crystals and pearls. With a predominantly pastel palette and modern silhouettes, the collection is perfect for formal Eid functions and summer weddings.

Layla-with-Marisa-of-Something-Haute Mahwish-and-Habiba Mansoor-and-Layla-Chatoor Mansoor-and-Layla-with-Maliha-Rehman Nada-from-Hello Salima-Feerasta-and-Layla-Chatoor Shaila-Sayani Tea-at-Layla-Chatoors-studio Zainab-and-her-mother-Aliya-in-Layla-Chatoor Zainab-and-Layla Zurain-and-Layla Aamna-Haider-Isani-with-Layla Aliya-Shaila-and-Layla Alizay-Pasha-and-Layla Alyzeh-and-Manahyl Fareeha-and-Alishay-in-Layla-Chatoor Fareeha-Layla-and-Alishay-all-in-Layla-Chatoor Layla-Chatoor-Walkin-Pret-Studio Layla-Chatoor Layla-Chatoor-Pret-Studio

The viewing also featured Layla Chatoor’s acclaimed summer resort collection, Liberte. Inspired by Coachella, a music festival that is as known for its style as its sounds, Liberte has a laid-back yet luxe feel. The collection channels the boho-chic vibe at Coachella and the fact that it’s a place where celebrities and the general public come together to celebrate and have fun. Layla has combined modern silhouettes with lace, prints and subtle beading for a luxurious yet free-spirited feel.

The exclusive viewing was attended by Karachi’s top fashion journalists and bloggers and was an opportunity for them to see the collections up close and meet Layla herself.

Please find attached herewith a link to a selection of images of Layla Chatoor’s Summer Pret 2016 and Liberte summer resort collections. I have also included a link to pictures of the exclusive press viewing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or high-res images.

Layla Chatoor Shoot 1

Label: Layla Chatoor
Collection: Liberte Summer Resort 2016
Photography: Rizwal-ul-Haq
Models: Nooray Bhatti and Eman Madani
Hair & Makeup: Nooray–Nabila N-Pro Emaan–Bina Khan

Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-14 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-15 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-16 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-17 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-18 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-19 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-20 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-21 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-2 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-3 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-4 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-5 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-6 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-7 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-8 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-9 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-10 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-11 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-12 Layla-Chatoor-Liberte-Summer-Resort-2016-13

Layla Chatoor Shoot 2

Label: Layla Chatoor
Collection: Summer Pret 2016
Photography: RizwalUlHaq
Models: Javeriya Hanif
Hair & Makeup: Wajid Khan

Layla-Chatoor-Luxury-Pret Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-8 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-7 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-6 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-5 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-4 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-3 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-2 Layla-Chatoor-Summer-Pret-2016-1 Layla-Chatoor-Pret-Exhibition

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