Pakistani singer-songwriter Komal Rizvi releases new song “Hello Ji”

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Today, the most-subscribed Pakistani female singer on YouTube and Facebook, Komal Rizvi released her brand-new single, “Hello Ji” on the special occasion of Eid.
It may be noted that “Hello Ji” is Komal Rizvi’s – who has three albums and several singles to her credit – first original track of 2018.
Komal Rizvi and Yasir Hussain Picture
Thanks to Beenish Parvez and C-Virus respectively, Komal Rizivi looks exquisite as always and has unearthed some truly iconic ‘80s fashion and trends in her music video. The rocking video shot in Karachi, with a rom-com theme also features Pakistani actor and writer Yasir Hussain who is playing the lover boy-Mafia boss.
Set in a cafe in 1980s this song is about a young waitress (Komal) and a popular mafia boss (Yasir Hussain) who really like each other, but the latter does not have the guts to reveal his feelings to her.
Komal Rizvi Hello Ji official song poster
On this special occasion Komal says, “After quite a while I have written and composed an original song, and I had been wanting to do a romcom as it’s never been done before by a female singer in Pakistan. I’m hoping all my loyal and loving fans love this one as much as they have loved all my work and more“.
Among those who have been a part of the making of the music video from the beginning are director Akhlaque Mahesar, director of photography Emad Siddiqui, producer Shashkay films, Editor Owais Alam and music producer Saad Sultan.
After the great response the music video is receiving on social media we are sure that this track will be playing on replay.

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