Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2’s ‘Tillay Wale Jooti’ will make you groove to its catchy beats!


After thesoft melodic track, Behka Re, JawaniPhirNahi Ani 2 is back with a catchy upbeat song, Tillay Wale Jooti, that will make you groove to its tune!
Behka Re got immensely popular as soon as it was released, and has received more than 1.2 million views on YouTube in a short span of time. With the incredible response to the song teaser, we can expect Tillay Wale Jooti to be a sure shot banger!
Tillay Wale Jooti is sung by the legendary folk singer, ArifLohar and Ahmed Ali Butt. Song’s Harmonium Solo is by Asad Ali, mastering by Afzal Hussain and it is produced by HasilKureshi. Along with its groovy beats, the song is also a visual treat with the power-packed performances by the star-studded cast.
Starring Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa, Kubra Khan, MarwaHocane, Uzma Khan, SarwatGillani, Vasay Chaudhry, Ahmed Ali Butt, Omer Shahzad and Sohail Ahmed. Produced under the banner of Salman Iqbal Films, ARY Films and Six Sigma Plus, directed by the ace director, Nadeem Baig, the main behind the highest grossing movies of Pakistan, and written by the talented Vasay Chaudhry, the movie is sure to be a hit, especially due to the plethora of stars making an appearance in this cinematic marvel.
The movie is all set to release this EidulAzha.

Credits for the song:

Song – Tillay Wale Jooti
Singer – Arif Lohar & Ahmed Ali Butt
Music producer – Hasil Kureshi
Video director – Sohail Javed
Harmonium Solo – Asad Ali
Mastering – Afzal Hussain

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