J. Makeup & Fragrances comes forth with a Beauty Movement.


In a fun-filled and lively event J. introduced their range of silk cream as well as note cosmetics to the local beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Held at the Dolmen Mall Clifton and is on till 15th of October, here on it will move to Dolmen Mall Tariq Road and then Lucky One Mall. The launch of “J. Beauty Activity”was attended in great numbers by some of the biggest bloggers in Pakistan.
After J. Makeover - Mariam of Movie Shoovy
In the rendezvous with J. makeup and fragrances, the bloggers and walk-in customers of the malls will be given free makeovers and hands on experience of the J. makeup and fragrances. Known for its high quality, premium products and great coverage foundations, high intensity highlighters, pigmented shades and stay on lip glosses and paints, J. makeup is fast becoming a go to brand for the perfect everyday look.
After J. Makeover - Nida Moghal of Highlife Shenanigans

Ali Mufti Marketing Head J. and Ahmed Ali Group Brand Manager J.

Beauty Blogger Rabeeyah Tungekar

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!












L to R - Uroosa Mudabbir, Maliha Rao of Red Alice Rao, Zenia of PeplumsandPetunias, JeeBee, Nida Moghal, Rabeeyah and Mishal of HIP

There is something for everyone and that to at 15percent off at J. station at Dolmen Mall Clifton and Tariq Road

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