IPPA reveals nominations for the year 2016


IPPA (International Pakistan Prestige Awards) released today the nominations for their first awards to be held here. Scheduled to be held on September 17, 2017 IPPA is acclaimed to be one of the biggest International Pakistani Awards to be attended by the top celebrities of Pakistan.
The nominations for the awards are based on performances of the year 2016. There are a total of 23 awards to be disbursed, out of which 16 are viewers’ choice awards. The categories are as follows:
Best Film 2016
Best Director Film
Best Supporting Actor/Actress Film 2016
Best Actress Film
Best Actor Film
Popular TV Awards
Best TV serial 2016
Best Director TV Serial 2016
Best Supporting Actress/Actor TV Serial 2016
Best Actress TV Serial 2016
Best Actor TV Serial 2016
IPPA Style Icon of the Year Male 2016
IPPA Style Icon of the Year Female 2016
IPPA Model of the Year Female
IPPA Designer of the Year (Couture)
IPPA Designer of the Year (Lawn)
The remaining seven are special awards to recognize outstanding personalities who have done remarkable work in the previous year. Four of the categories are: IPPA Star of the Year Male/Female 2016, IPPA Sports Person of the Year 2016, IPPA Best Jodi of the Year 2016 (TV), IPPA Best Jodi of the Year 2016 (Film).
The remaining three are to honour outstanding British Pakistanis for their remarkable achievements. The categories include: Outstanding Achievements by a British Pakistani in the field of Fashion, Business and Community Service respectively.

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