Hum Network Ltd celebrates 13th anniversary of its premier entertainment channel, Hum TV


Pakistan’s numero uno entertainment network HUM Network Limited, celebrated the13th anniversary of its premier entertainment channel HUM TV on January 19, 2018 in Karachi in a special transmission of Jago Pakistan Jago hosted by the gorgeous Sanam Jung. The anniversary transmission attended by the prominent faces of the country’s entertainment landscape including Bushra Ansari, Kubra Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Imran Ashraf and Yasir Hussainalso revealed the new look of HUM TV and raised curtain on its upcoming mega projects.
Yasir Hussain
The start of 2018 will witness mega projects by HUM TV that will touch the audiences’ hearts including Maa Sadqey, Mah e Tamaam, De Ijazaat and many others.
Vaneeza and Bushra
This year marks the completion of Hum TV’s striking thirteen-year journey. Since the first transmission on 17thJanuary, 2005, Hum TV has been a pioneer in its league, choosing new talent and bold subjects to breaking stereotypes and introducing plays with a strong social message. The channel’s approach towards hard-hitting social topics in plays like Udaari, Sammi, Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and others are the beacon for every other drama with a social message produced in Pakistan. Through all of its growing years, Hum TV has played a major role in empowering women, highlighting stigmas and issues that people shy away from, presenting them with sensitivity and gaining acceptability with the masses.
Vaneeza Ahmed
Most of HUM TV’s content is made to impact society in a powerful way! The success of Hum TV’s content comes from the subtle ways it approaches taboo topics, creating relatable characters that leave an unforgettable impression as they grow with the story, delivering the message and all the while maintaining their entertainment factor.
Kubra Khan
It is the uniqueness of the content and portrayal of the characters, who are loved and followed by a large number of fans, not just in Pakistan but all around the world. Ratings in UK and Middle East are proof that women all over the world are looking for three-dimensional characters that not only reflect and relate but inspire.HUM TV dedicates its success to these amazing women of our society and celebrates in earnest their unparalleled love!
Imran Ashraf
Hum TV has the credit for being a pioneer in many aspects, be it the first awards for an entertainment channel or highlighting new talent. Presenting plays with a purpose to creating fashion events on an international scale or breaking rating records with plays like Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Mann Mayal, Sang-e-Marmar, Diyar Dil, Bin Roye, Udaari, Daldal and O Rangreza, to name a few.
Imran and Adnan
The 13th anniversary celebrations of HUM TV began with a cause and as part of the network’s CSR activities and vision to contribute positively towards the social development, HNL collaborated with Fatimid Foundation for a blood donation drive which proved to be a great success with many of the network’s employees participating actively in the event. “HUM Family Festival 2018”, a fun day for the employees of HUM Network and “HUM Premiere League” were the main attractions of HUM’s 13th anniversary.



Bushra Ansari

Adnan Siddiqui

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