HEM Opens Flagship Store In Lahore


Fashion designer Sumbul Asif celebrated the successful launch of HEM’s Flagship Store, designed by Architects Inc, in Gulberg, just off M.M.Alam Road in Lahore on Wednesday, 20th July 2016. The store stocks HEM’s debut luxury prêt collection alongside its pret, formal, and bridal lines.

HEM is a luxury womenswear fashion brand, headed by designer Sumbul Asif, launched in July 2016. With over seven years of experience as a head designer for a leading local fashion brand, the designer’s philosophy revolves around highlighting individuality and personal style. Each design that HEM develops is a unique creation that reflects femininity, confidence and elegance, encapsulating the techniques and crafts of the Subcontinent to create ensembles reflecting our culture and heritage while ensuring they are in-line with the current trends. The brand offers four primary lines of clothing ranging from prêt, luxury prêt, formals to their bespoke couture creations.

Speaking at the launch, Creative Director HEM, Sumbul Asif said: “I am pleased by the response I have been receiving from the guests and media about my first collection and it’s this motivation that designers entering the industry need. I dedicated my time, energy, and love for fashion to launch my debut collection alongside the flagship store. With the support of my family, friends, and colleagues I have made it. Today is a day that I will cherish as my brand officially opens its doors in Lahore. I am very excited about this venture that I have waited for since I left fashion school and have ensured my brand can cater to my clients’ needs – aesthetic and budget-wise. HEM will also be taking bridal orders by appointments at our flagship store.

HEM’s flagship store is located at 165-A, Block P, Near Mini Market, Gulberg II, Lahore.

Event-Decor-at-the-HEM-Flagship-Store-Launch HEM-Opens-Flagship-Store-In-Lahore HEM-Flagship-Store-designed-by-Architects-Inc.-1 Amna-Niazi-wearing-HEM Aymen-Hikmat-wearing-HEM Farina-Ghauri-Sehar-Khosa-wearing-HEM Muzi-Sufi Rubab-Ali-wearing-HEM Saira-Rizwan Sumbul-Asif-of-HEM-Rubab-Ali

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