Halloween’s Monster Night.

Tahir Mirza, Adnan and Amir Anees

A fabulous, star-studded Halloween’s Monster Night was hosted by Junii Zeyad and Maria Wasti at Pi Social, Karachi, which was attended by the créme de la créme of the fashion, media, business and the social world. The guests dressed in their fashionable Halloween attires were seen mingling with each other and enjoying the night thoroughly.
Adnan and Hira Hussain
All in all, It was a successful event hosted to perfection by Phil Tyler Entertainment, not having a dull moment or letting anyone’s excitement die down.
Adnan Siddiqui

Ahmed and Bakhtawar

Ali Rashid and Zara Tareen

Amna Malik, Nausheen Shah, Wajahat and Maria Wasti

Asim Jofa

Danesh Dubash and Mitra

Junii Zeyad and Saima Rasheed

Khawar Abedi, Nasreen, Sami and Saima Rao

Mina Ramzi, Junii Zeyad and Turab Ramzi

Mr and Mrs Malik

Muneeb Butt

Nadia Hussain and Atif Khan

Narmeen and Zoha


Sami Rehman, Khawar and Ayaz Anis

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