Gulabo Eid Collection Now In Store


Gulabo, the fashion forward clothing and accessories brand by Maheen Khan, has launched the Gulabo Eid Collection in 14 festive designs. The Gulabo Eid Collection features two distinct lines keeping in mind the woman and the girl who loves to make a statement. Maheen for Gulabo, taking the signature cuts by Maheen Khan and incorporating them high fashion ready to wear, and the ‘Gulabo’ Eid collection with kurtas and tulip shalwars. Keeping the summer heat in mind, the collection mainly comprises cotton and cotton/silk blends. Talking about the Gulabo Eid Collection, designer Maheen Khan said, “The Collection has been designed keeping the latest trends in mind from digital prints to tulip shalwars for the contemporary and fashion forward woman.

The Eid collection is available at Dolmen Mall Clifton.

Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-44 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-37 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-32 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-27 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-22 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-18 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-17 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-12 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-10 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-8 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-6 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-2 Gulabo-Eid-Collection-2016-1

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