Film industry Delegate Meeting with Governor Sindh.

Honorable Governor Sindh with Mr. Sh. Amjad Rashid , Mr. Syed Noor & Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and staff members (3)

Film Producers Association delegate lead by Chairman Mr. Syed Noor, Chairman distributors Association Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and IMGC group Chairman Mr. Sh. Amjad Rashid met with Honorable Governor Sindh Mr. Mohammad Zubair.

Honorable Governor Sindh appreciated services and contribution of Mr. Syed Noor in film industry. Mr. Syed Noor appreciated noble gesture of federal government and patronage of Honorable Governor Sindh to hold Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF). However it was pointed out that film industry was not truly represented in throughout festival. Even major players in the film industry like Evernew group, Eveready group, IMGC group, HKC group with contribution of over 80% of movies produced and released have not been taken on board.

It shows discrimination particularly to Punjab where offices of recognized producers association established 63 years ago along with office of distributors association. Most of the senior technicians, artists, producers are based in Lahore with viable contribution in the growth of film industry after partition. Still most of the artists and technicians working in Sindh belongs to Punjab.

Honorable Governor Sindh with Mr. Sh. Amjad Rashid , Mr. Syed Noor & Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and staff members (1)
Honorable Governor Sindh with Sheikh Amjad Rashid, Syed Noor &  Mohammad Ijaz Kamran 

Honorable Governor Sindh with Mr. Sh. Amjad Rashid , Mr. Syed Noor & Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and staff members

Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran also pointed out film policy announced in film convention but so far it is restricted upto announcement. No practical step has been taken including welfare fund for artists and technicians.

Mr. Sh.Amjad Rashid Chairman IMGC group having released around 290 movies and with major investment of around Rs.280 million in Pakistani movies forwarded his points of views particularly desired role of federal government for promotion of business in China . India has successfully launched and earned substantial foreign exchange with the release of movie DANGAL, SECRET SUPERSTAR, BAJI RAO MASTANI and (mediocre movie HINDHI MEDIUM has crossed business of $ 23.82 million )

No Pakistani movie has been released so far. Though earlier in 1950;s and 1960’s successfully Pakistani movies created a record business. Breakthrough is only possible with government support. Most of the policies and offices are controlled by public sector in China. Allocation for Pakistani quota has not approved. No movie has been released including movie ‘Chalay Thay Saath’ having Chinese hero and posturized on the boarder of Pakistan – China. There is dire need of joint production between Pakistan & China.

Honorable Governor Sindh with Mr. Sh. Amjad Rashid , Mr. Syed Noor & Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and staff members (2)Honorable Governor Sindh with Sheikh Amjad Rashid, Syed Noor &  Mohammad Ijaz Kamran 

During the visit of Indian Prime Minister and other delegate film makers from private sector have been included in the delegate and respective meetings were arranged and signed in presence of Indian prime Minister. In spite of most cordial and brotherly relations with China no higher dignitaries visits have included private sectors delegate for release of Pakistani movies and imports/exports of Chinese movies and co-production. All efforts to brief & appointment with State Minister of information is failed.

Secondly it was also pointed out that incentives for international releases of Pakistani movies is required from government. Tax exemption for producers, distributors have not been announced and formally not incorporated.. Proposal has been submitted to the Minister.

Honorable Governor Sindh graciously accepted reservations expressed by the delegate. He assured that federal government treats all the provinces alike and would have appreciated participation particularly notable routed industry i.e. from the Punjab.

He promised with delegate to take up proposal including release and co-production of Pakistan – China with federal government. Other subjects discussed were also assured for his support and patronage. Delegate thank Honorable Governor Sindh for his time and understanding.

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