Schole International Academy joins hands with SOP and Global Green.

Schole International Academy lights up with fun and laughter at the Tree Plantation Project to help build a clean and green environment

A CSR project of tree plantation was organized here at Schole International Academy today in collaboration with Special Olympics Pakistan and Global Green. The project involved the plantation of saplings at the school by the children of Special Olympics and later interacting with visiting celebrity Junii Zeyad, who sang for them, and gave them gifts.With the saplings donated by Global Green,the CSR activity by the newly-launched Schole Academy aimed to encourage the plantation of trees by all institutions, provide a healthy and fun activity for special children, and highlight the important role Global Green is playing in providing free saplings to any organization wishing to plant trees.
Children of SOP (Special Olympics Pakistan) involved in an interactive plantation activity by Global green at the Schole International Academy.
The event was well attended by members of media, socialites,and special children. The event kicked off with the special children enjoying themselves while playing in the massive and well-equipped playground of the school. The tree plantation followed where under the careful supervision of Waleed Ansari, founder and chief organizer, Global Green, Ronaq Lakhani, chairperson Special Olympics, and Abdullah Akhter, principal Schole International Academy, the children planted the saplings.
Faculty of Schole school at the red carpet with children of Special Olympics Pakistan
Speaking on the occasion Mr Akhter said “By joining hands with these two NGOs we wished to highlight the pertinence of a clean and green environment in this day and age. We aim to inculcate such practices in our students and create awareness about making our surroundings healthier and pollution free for everyone.It also resonates with the core values of our school: respect, tolerance and inclusion, with excellence.”
Schole International Academy in collaboration with Global Green and Special Olympics Pakistan take the initiative to plant new trees
The tree plantation activity was followed by a fun-filled and enthralling performance by the versatile singer and actor Junii Zeyad, who sung a few numbers and captivated the audience with his soulful renditions. The performance was followed by sumptuous refreshments and memorable giveaways for those who attended.
Schole International Academy lights up with fun and laughter at the Tree Plantation Project to help build a clean and green environment

The bright team of Special Olympics Pakistan with chairperson Ronaq Lakhani all set at the red carpet of Schole academy.

The children of SOP enjoy the activities at Schole Academy

The versatile Junii Zeyad interacts with children of Special Olympics Pakistan at the Tree plantation project held at Schole International Academy

The very talented athletes of SOP singing along with actor and singer Junii Zeyad

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