The Glassworker Launch in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, animation is a medium which has not been explored the way it has been explored around the world. That is about to change. Usman Riaz is a young talented artist who is all set to change the entertainment experience in Pakistan.

‘The Glassworker’ is a hand-drawn animated film written and directed by Usman Riaz. It will be Pakistan’s first fully hand drawn animated film. Usman Riaz along with the team at Mano Animation Studio hope to lay the foundation that paves way for artists to collaborate on local and internal ventures.

At the event, Usman Riaz took his audience through the journey and inception of “The Glassworker”, alongside the international experience he had with Steven Spielberg and Disney Pictures. He also discussed about the overwhelming support he received from multiple people.

At the event Imran Aslam and Tina Sani were also present. Tina Sani applauded and appreciated the young Riaz by mentioning him as the inspiration for the Pakistanis and budding talent of the country.

Students from different universities like FAST, SZABIST, Karachi Universities and IQRA were also present there. Everyone seemed very excited to experience such a fresh breeze of art in Pakistan. The entire hall gave Usman Riaz a standing ovation after his conclusion. Professionals from different walks of life and bloggers from entertainment and other areas were also present and asked numerous questions to Riaz and his Mano team, and were answered brilliantly by them.

The event was held at the Arts Council, Karachi on the 29th of May, 2016.

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