Faran Tahir Returns to Theatre with Special Staging of Othello!

Faran Tahir as Othello and Madeleine Rogers as Desdemona. Photo by Jennifer Reiley

Pakistani-American Hollywood actor Faran Tahir returned to theater with a special screening of Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production Othello which took place at the Sidney Harman Hall in Washington DC, USA. As a part of promotions for the play, Faran appeared on TV show Great Day Washington where he discussed his love for theater in detail.
(Faran Tahir as Othello and Madeleine Rogers as Desdemona. Photo by Ryn Weil.)
Talking about why he loves to return to theater despite working in several big budgeted film and TV productions, Faran said “I think theater has a wonderful way of connecting with the audience. You can do amazing movies, but you don’t have the audience there. You do your work and then it is given to the audience. What’s beautiful about theater is that you have this immediacy, and you have this intimacy with the audience. I always call the audience the final character in a play.”
Othello - actors
When asked to share his thoughts about the special free for all staging of Othello, Faran said “I think it is such a beautiful way to give back to the community, and for people to bring people in and expose them to Shakespeare.”
Photo of Jay Whittaker as Iago and Faran Tahir as Othello in Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of Othello by Jennifer Reiley.
Othello ran to a packed house at Sidney Harman Hall till 27th August, offering more than 12,000 people the chance to see the play free of charge.

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