Press conference for epilepsy awareness

The group of people behind the success of creating awareness about Epile...

A press conference to create awareness about epilepsy was held at Najmuddin Auditorium at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JMPC). Members of the print, electronic and social media attended the event in large numbers.

After a welcome note by Dr Hiba Mahmud, who is actively involved with National Epilepsy Centre (NEC) at JMPC, Professor Hasan Aziz, president of the NGO spoke about the facilities at the Centre and the dire need for awareness about how successfully this disease can be managed.

Celebrity guest Nadia Jamil attending the press conference at JPMC for t...
Followed by this was a talk by Dr Zarine Mogal, another key person actively involved in and working to better the situation for those who battle with epilepsy. Discussing the holistic management at NEC, Dr Zarine spoke of how NEC covers all the medical, social and psychological aspects of every patient; how strict, close and regular follow ups are done for each patient; and also disclosed that NEC heavily subsidizes thenecessary medicines, which at other places are sold for more than triple the amount.
Nadia Jamil, the face of Epilepsy, at the press conference sharing her e...
After a talk on NEC’s role at JPMC by Dr Seemin Jamali, celebrity guest speaker and the new face of NEC, who had especially flown in for the occasion, was introduced-Nadia Jamil — who has successfully been battling with epilepsy, herself. Nadia spoke frankly of her own experiences; she was diagnosed with it in 2011, and thanks to proper medical treatment and help has been living her life to the fullest in spite of it. The celebrity encouraged everyone who suffers from epilepsy to get treatment and carry on with their lives, and not feel ashamed to address the issue.
Screening the foundation of National Epilepsy Centre at the press confer...
A documentary was shown on NEC’s work and efforts over the years, highlighting the celebrities who have supported the cause, such as veteran cricketers like Shahid Afridi and Moin Khan, and the late, legendary, Abdul Sattar Edhi who also had epilepsy, as well as Suhaee Ali Abro – the performing artiste who has also been epilepticfrom a very young age but has not let it stand in her way of achievements.
The group of people behind the success of creating awareness about Epile..._1
After the floor was opened for a question answer session, Dr Zarine presented a vote of thanks. Refreshments were served, following which a tour was given of the National Epilepsy Centre.

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