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The core reason of drug addiction of the people in Pakistan is that they don’t actually think it’s inappropriate. This is the biggest mistake that people make today by underestimating the effects and consequences of taking narcotics or drugs. Some people want to fit in the elite class or workplace, some get addicted because of the stress related to work, house, kids, education, poverty or to match the needs of the society. Drugs and narcotics actually increase the dopamine levels in one’s brain that makes the person feel happy, relax and confident. These words were contributed by the speakers at the occasion of 6th International conference on endorsing health science research, ICEHCR, 2018 in Pre-Conference Workshop.
The Pro Vice Chancellor DIMC Prof. Dr. Mohammad Masroor delivered the address. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Masroor, Brig. Dr. Shoaib Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Raza-ur Rahman, Dr. Washdev, Dr. Mahjabeen Khan, Dr. Ayesha Sarwat, Dr. Sadaf Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Zeba Haque and Dr. Sonia Siddiqui from DIMC and Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Institute of Behavioral Sciences, DUHS also delivered the presentations.
Different drugs are being common under the name of modern and elite class such as Heroin is now known as Herry, Ice, Sheesha and Crystal are also one of the most advanced forms of narcotics.
However, bhang, Pot, Cannabis, Beer, Charas, Weed, Grass, Shamama, Jambul, Morf, Hazel, China, Sardai, Smack, Kupi, Thara, Angoori, Dope, Gross and Hemp have grabbed the interest of many people
nowadays. Psychiatrists estimated that the number of neuro psychiatric patients is significantly increasing in posh areas. This is dangerous for health as well as the society. This is the core responsibility of parents, teachers and government to help control drug addiction in Pakistan.


The Perception and Challenges a person faces during the treatment of drug addiction and the social behavior of people towards them is also unfriendly which leads them to get indulged in such activities.
He added that even certain antidepressant can cause addiction such as Lexotanil and Xanax. Those drugs that induce behavioral and neuro chemical changes are impossible to quit. He added that patients should consult certified psychologists for the treatment.
Lack of awareness led them towards in making wrong friends which exposes them in to party drinks/seesha containing drugs with different names. These drugs can cause Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s,
Alzheimer’s depression and many other diseases. Addicted patients can be successfully treated in certified rehabilitation centers, drugs and exercises. At the end, the speaker emphasized and indulged everyone in seeking help and asks to get addicted to Allah and his Holy Quran. They added that when Allah grants our prayers it is sort of an addiction. The whole workshop session was viewed live by faculty members in University of Malaysia, Malaysia via live streaming.

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