DICE CAM 2018; Gap Analysis Working Sessions and Inaugural Ceremony.

Backbone of Hum TV, Ms. Sultana Siddiqui on stage at the DICE CAM 2018 discussing on subjects like film and drama

The first day of the two-days DICE CAM 2018 successfully culminated here today at Arts Council Karachi.The welcome address was given by DrKhurshid Qureshi, founder and chairman of DICE Foundation and an engineer by profession,who spelled out the vision and mission of DICE(Distinguished Innovations Collaboration and Entrepreneurship.)
The full-day programme comprised working sessions on film, TV, documentary, animation, CGI and special effects whichbegan from the morning and continued till the evening. Delegates were divided into teams and brainstormed to assess the gaps in each field, formalized ideas and drafted proposals. The sessions were personally overseen by the Hollywood producer of JINN, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmed.
An amazing hollywood director and producer Mr. Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad at the DICE CAM 2018, Gap Analysis Working Sessions, at Arts Council, Karachi
The inaugural session in the evening hosted by Usman Mazhar, comprised speeches bythe eminent board members of DICE, academia and industry representatives. BushraAnsar, the chief guest of the evening then addressed the audience. The evening ended with dinner followed by an entertainment segment comprising a classical dance performance by ZahshannéZehra Malik, a stand-up comic act by Usman Mazhar,a beat boxing segment by I Am Karachi and musical performance by Zarah, and Alycia Dias.
DICE CAM 2018, a two-day collaborative event aiming at bridging gaps between academia and media industry
It may be noted, DICE Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, registered in Michigan, USA. The mission of DICE Creative Art & Media (CAM) is to use the powerful mediums of design, art, communication and film to foster a drastic and fundamental change in the thought processes of academia, independent artists, creative entrepreneurs and industry.
Government Sindh Imran Ismail speaks on the occasion at DICE CAM 2018, a program for the creative arts & media held at Arts Council, Karachi
The Gap Analysis Working Sessions and Inaugural Ceremony attended by media, industry representatives, and students of various media institutions were a huge success and the participants benefited greatly from it.
Well known and versatile actor of the media industry, Bushra Ansari, cuts the ribbon for the inaugural ceremony at DICE CAM 2018

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