CLEO Trunk Show

Alizeh, Hani, Sidra and Ayesha

A fabulous trunk show organized by CLEO was held here earlier today at the residence of a renowned socialite.

The event was attended by a large number of people including members of the fashion and media world. It was a huge success as CLEO brought unique items to Karachi, at a reasonable price, attracting more buyers because of the special discount offered.

Zurain Imran

CLEO is a brand of western wear that was launched in Karachi for the first time, exhibiting a wide variety of stylish tops, fashion accessories, shoes and sleepwear. The muse behind the brand is Cleopatra, who remains the most fashionable woman since ancient times. Keeping her ambitious nature, love for dressing up, and luxury therapy as guidelines for today’s women as well, CLEO has carefully designed every piece as a limited edition.


Speaking at the event, the creative director, Hani Naveed said “CLEO was born out of the desire to establish a local high street brand in Pakistan offering a fast-fashion alternative to women who have to wait for a trip abroad to acquire casual tops and trendy shoes. We make casual western wear that focuses on flattering silhouettes for our local body types and comfortable materials keeping our climatic conditions in mind. Karachi is our biggest target market since this is where you will find the most amount of independent women dressed in western wear as opposed to being draped in three piece lawn suits! We hope to come back to Karachi next season, bigger and stronger, with our Spring/Summer line up!”

All in all, it was a well-attended and successful exhibition, leaving buyers elated with their shopping.


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