The City School Southern Region Alumni Association

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City School launched its Alumni Association for its Southern Region, in a simple yet elegant ceremony. The event was attended by a select gathering of invitees including heads of the school and ex-students from the Southern Region, as well as members of social, print and electronic media.

The event was opened by Humira Faisal, which was followed by a presentation by Azarmeen Moini Chawla. Khaqan an alumnus of The City School gave a heartfelt talk entitled “Journey of a Cityzen”. A small musical performance by the band Club 777 followed, which was greatly appreciated by all. The chief guest of the event Mr Robin Davies Director British Council Sindh and Baluchistan, gave a thought-provoking speech on the value of an alumni not just for the ex-students but also the alma mater.Following the chief guest alumnus Dabeer Hemani talked about his time as a student of City School and how it has impacted his life in numerous ways. Shehryar Ahmed, Regional Director of the Southern Region TheCity School talked about the value of connections and the impact of one’s alma mater in one’s life.

Much to the excitement of all ex-students who could not be present at the event, live streaming of the launchtook place, and live tweets displayed on LCDs kept them abreast with the happenings in real time.

The evening ended with refreshments accompanied by the music of Club 777 and a whole lot of nostalgia as old friends met and reminisced over their good old days and planned how to make their Alumni Association one of the most active in the city.

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