4 stars out of 5! Why, don’t I watch the Hollywood and Lollywood films in the exact same screens, polished and carved by absolute masters of storytelling. From whom our films are far behind! I must have real bad taste or must have watched Panjabi films all my life. Come on guys; let’s give a break to our film makers.
Stop comparing our films them with the films of the industries that besides having at least five times more budget also have an army of experienced technical crew. We (our industry) has just begun, our film makers struggle at every step from finding a filmy script to finding technical crew that can make their visions real, from finding location we can shoot a film on (building sets is almost always out of our budget) to choreographing a filmy song, from finding investors that are willing to risk millions to finding distributors.
Film making at current time in Pakistan is a tiring and daring journey which the brave souls take only to find in the end that they were not able to match the caliber of industry with far larger budgets and far better technical facilities. So please guys stop judging our film makers and appreciate what they have done. Having said that let’s talk about Chupan Chupai.
Chupan chupai is not going to be the best film you have watched but it will entertain you. And let’s face it being entertained is one of the biggest reasons all movie goers go to cinema for. Once the story sets in, it keeps you your heels turning and twisting every now then. The comedy tone of the film will entertain you even in the most conflict filled situations. And star of the show was performance, almost by every single actor. Man actors in the film are affiliated to NAPA and they did show us that acting is an art and that studding and practicing acting does has its own shine when it comes to big screen. Ali Rizwi was my favorite character, a dumb cry baby but absolutely entertaining. He showed he has a lot of potential. Another one of the stars that I fell in love with was Faizan Khawaja. He looked stunning in every look and his performance was flawless. Rehan shaikh’s character was the most well defined characters of the film. Atop his entertaining wardrobe he can talk about anything staying in the film language. If someone is interested in making a comedy film, Rehan Shaikh has proved he is one to be considered if the character is in his age group. Javaid shaikh appears as guest and once again shows us why he is considered a compulsory item by many of our filmmakers. Adnan Jafers plays a badass cope and he we can clearly feel the fear and he never says a single dialogue.
Once again I would say Mohsin did some noticeable character building in his film. Ahsan Khan as in all his works is Ahsan Khan, no words for his dedication to his work, completely immersed in his dumb, yet charming and cute character. And nothing can be said about Tallat Sab, he is an institute in himself. Every time he performs one can clearly say there is far more versatility and range in him. Neelam Muneer is absolutely sizzling. I would like to warn all the boys who have never experienced love, Neelam will rob you of your hearts. Her boldness and beauty is sure to make you feel the heat in the air conditioned cinema.
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For me she her appearance and performance for a commercial film was 10/10. I would wish her screen timing would have been more but never the less she was something to miss. The music is absolutely filmy, happy to say that as far as this film is concerned we have reached the international commercial standards.
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Our industry is getting better with every step but the journey is far ahead and we cannot do that without the support of our audiences and you the audience need to take that responsibility. Go watch Chupan Chupai and all the other films coming out as well. You like something, promote it. And if you don’t like anything, blog about it, write about it, tell the filmmakers what they should have done to make better film but don’t abandon them.
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You as audience are a big and crucial part of our budding film industry. Pakistani filmmakers cannot build the industry without you. You have a responsibility.. OWN IT.. HELP US BUILD IT!
Review by Atiq Inayat John

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