Chupan Chupai’s Trailer Unveiled!

Team Chupan Chupai

The trailer of upcoming Pakistani comedy movie Chupan Chupai was unveiled on November 22, 2017 at Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi. Chupan Chupai is set to hit theatres nationwide and internationally on December 29, 2017. Present at the trailer launch were the main lead of the movie including Ahsan Khan, Neelum Muneer, Talat Hussain and Sakina Samo, who unveiled the trailer to the media personnel for the first time.

Chupan Chupai is written and directed by Mohsin Ali, a well known name in the entertainment industry who has previously written plays including the hit 2015 romantic comedy film Wrong Number. The movie is produced by Ray Khan and Zayed Sheikh under the banner of Huzu Productions. The rest of the cast includes Javed Sheikh, Rehan Sheikh, Mani, Arshad Mehmud, Adnan Jaffer, Zayed Sheikh, Ali Rizvi and Vajdan Shah.

Ahsan and Neelum (2)

Ahsan Khan

Neelum Muneer (2)

Rehan Sheikh

Sakina Samo

Rafay Rashidi

Talat Hussain and Sakina Samo

Talat Hussain

Zayed and Ray Khan (Producers)

Zayed Sheikh and Mohsin Ali (Producer and Writer)

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