HUM TV’s latest play “Zann Mureed”

Title Zun Mareed

Produced under the banner of Moomal Entertainment, HUM TV’s latest play Zann Mureed is penned by the renowned novelist and playwright Amna Mufti and is directed by Ahmed Kamran. The serial has a stellar cast comprising the industry’s veterans Nadia Khan, Hina Bayat, Khalid Anum, Umair Rana, Shahim HiIali and others. The story revolves around the central characters Tabassum and Sajjad and raises curtain on domestic violence against women and the pros and cons of the recently enacted women’s protection bill. Tabassum is a working woman who diligently takes care of her job, two kids and the household with some help from her husband Sajjad but in societies like ours such husbands are often criticized by family members and friends, changing their attitudeaccording to the norms of society. Zann Mureed is the journey of a womanwho refused to live in fear rising above societal pressure to fight for her rights, but in doing so loses her loved ones due to the flaws in our justice system and social stigmas.

Date & Time: Every Friday at 8:00 pm

Total Episodes: 30

Zan Mureed (1)

Zan Mureed (3)

Zan Mureed (4)

Zan Mureed (6)

Zan Mureed (7)

Zan Mureed (9)

Zan Mureed (11)

Zan Mureed (12)

Zan Mureed (13)

Zan Mureed (14)

Zan Mureed (15)

Zan Mureed (16)

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