PSTD to Host 8th Annual Women in Business & Leadership Conference (WIBCON)


The Pakistan Society for Training and Development will be hosting its eighth Annual Women in Business & Leadership Conference (WIBCON) at the Movenpick Hotel Karachi.

In line with PSTD’s 50th Anniversary Logo- this year’s theme is RETHINK REIMAGINE and the event will bring together corporate leaders, thought leaders, NGOs, entrepreneurs, educationalists and media professionals to discuss key issues and debate intelligent choices in advancing women in the workplace and society.

Some of the prominent speakers for this year’s conference are Maheen Rahman (CEO, Alfalah GHP Investment Management and recently named Top 40 Under 40 on Forbes), Yousuf Bashir Qureshi (Designer YBQ), Shafaq Omar (HR Director, Unilever), Tina Sani (Ghazal Maestro), Jeannette Faruque (Owner, StudioX), Naila Kasim (Corporate Communications and HR Head, Engro Corporation) and Nadia Hussain (Supermodel).

Commenting on the 8th Annual Women in Business & Leadership Conference, PSTD President Aamir Niazi said: “Economically independent women are more likely to invest in children’s education and health. Women have to take leadership positions. They have to come in to power, and the reserve seats are just not enough. PSTD aspires to advance women’s role in society, which make our country take enormous pride in this strategic dimension.”

About Wibcon

Women in Business Conference (WIBCON) 2016 is a pivotal platform created for the advancement of Women in Pakistan. Women account for two thirds of the world’s 774 million uneducated adults, and their share has remained unchanged over the past two decades. The impacts of the recession, unemployment and slow economic growth on women and men differ due to gender norms and stereotypes that continue to spread gender-based discrimination in many areas, including access to productive assets and justice

About PSTD

Pakistan Society for Training and Development (PSTD) is an independent, non-profit and non-government institution, managed by a Board of Governors comprising Senior Executives and Human Resource Professionals from leading organizations in Pakistan. The Society was founded on May 21st, 1966 and over the past 47 years has organized numerous trainings and speakers sessions actively encouraging national and multinational organizations to share and enhance their professional expertise from the society’s platform.

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