L’Oréal Paris Excellence to announce new collaboration under the prestigious ‘Ambassador of Fashion’ platform

Kamiar Rokni for Ambassador of Fashion

The world’s leading beauty brand, L’Oréal Paris Excellence is soon to unveil its new collaboration with a renowned couturier under the prestigious ‘Ambassador of Fashion’[#AmbassadorofFashion]platform which aims to consistently innovate by launching all-encompassing beauty and fashion trends.
Excellence Intense 1
The Ambassador of Fashion is a platform where beauty amalgamates with fashion. Every year, L’Oréal Paris Excellence partners with the top designers from the Pakistani fashion industry,which is prevalent fromtheirjourney commencingfrom 2015 with Nomi Ansari, followed by the likes of KhadijaShah, Kamiar Rokni, and most recently HSY.
Excellence Intense 2
Carrying on with the legacy of this esteemedcampaign, L’Oréal Paris is set to announce the next collaboration in the upcoming weeks. This would not only create a collaborative campaign but would also showcase the latest L’Oréal Paris Excellence Intense hair color collection that features three new shades and the designer’s luxury couture collection that will be showcased together at the PLBW.
Excellence Intense 3
Rated the world’s no. 1 hair color, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Intensegives you the ability to reach a gentle and strong hair color by spreading evenly throughout the hair along with a unique triple treatment with pro-keratin, ceramide and collagen for smooth, silky, and replenished hair.Designed by color experts at L’Oréal Paris, it also creates a noticeable color effect even in dark hair with its richly luminous colors.
Elan for Ambassador of Fashion
HSY for Ambassador of Fashion
Nomi Ansari for Ambassador of Fashion

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