The Most Awaited Film Of The Year “Actor In Law” ??


Here’s presenting the trailer of the film “Actor In Law”………have a look……

After watching the complete trailer, as per sources “Actor in Law” becomes the most awaited film of the year…….many are desperate to watch first day first show of the film…………

Our Industry should be known as our very own Pakistani Urdu Film Industry…….unlike others who are simply following the trend set by Hollywood and find it to be an honor to be known as Bollywood across the Globe…….There are many in Bollywood who objects and prefer calling their Industry by the name of Hindi Film Industry…… Therefore Pakistani Urdu Film Industry is the correct form to describe our Industry……….

As our Industry is going through a revival phase therefore this turning point may be a crucial one, in case things are not closely monitored before presenting them to the audience…….. The trailer is being appreciated by all across the Nation, but there exist few points which are very important on macro level that may give our Nation’s industry a bad image……..

The content of this trailer specifically the character played by the lead actress of the film i.e. Mehwish Hayat is not at all acceptable…… The dialogues given to her character, be it in the court room (…aur danda bhi wahin diya gaya hai…) or while being with the lead actor Fahad Mustafa on a bike and talking on phone to a Hakeem with a poster in the background (…mardana kamzori ka ilaj bhi karte hai…)…….Do we really expect and need such vulgarity in our films? To promote a film why do we need such contents where the lead Actor Fahad Mustafa is seen shouting in the courtroom “Tareekh pe Tareekh Tareekh pe Tareekh areey Tareekh ki ma ki“……..Is this level of comedy we have to offer to our people?


Taking reference from the Bollywood classic “Damini” (1993) Sunny Deol’s dialogues are further rewritten with slangs and that too in the court room in front of the Judge…….Is this Comedy ?

It becomes very necessary for the lead actress to belong to a minority community as the language she uses will easily be digestible and enjoyed by audience……else objections would have been raised that how could we show a “Khatoon” using such disgraceful lines……..Slowly and gradually we are moving towards the footsteps of Bollywood which has already adopted the western culture in their films……..Item numbers have become a regular ingredient of our film’s recipe……Is this really our culture or we are just trying to make business by using such contents in our Films?…..”Actor in law” is just a perfect example set by its Producer and Director to assure our countrymen that very soon a new genre i.e. Adult sex comedy would be introduced in our Industry which is already successful in Bollywood……Sunny Leone can be easily approached by our Film Makers in near future which will give a new direction to the revival phase of our Industry………

The trailer shows a news channel under the title of BOLD news which is a clear reference to the controversial TV channel BOL, further a model is seen being arrested in the trailer is again a clear reference to that of Model Ayan Ali…………..All such controversial reference will surely give a bumper opening to the film and the film makers will benefit from the same financially………

The censor board should take strict actions against such contents and have them removed in order to give a positive image to our Industry.

Actor In Law

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