Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a session on “A journey of Urdu film”

24 December

Arts council of Pakistan Karachi organized a session on “A journey of Urdu film” for the fourth Day of international Urdu conference. Famous film director Syed Noor, most senior actor Manawar Syed, Qavi Khan and recently successful Director Nabeel Qureshi and writer Fiza Ali attended the session.
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Syed Noor said that he is seeing great and revolutionary changes in the film industry and today the future of film is better in the recent years film industry reemerged. In the recent decades the technology changed the way of watching movies and films today we have a new generation of viewers they not only have great knowledge but can criticize the condition and compare the creativity with the other industries. He further said if this new generation and technology has not appeared the film industry in the Pakistan is about to end. The strongest factor that demolished film industry was the breaking down of cinemas.
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Qavi Khan said it was not film industry that destroyed actors but it was the people of film industry who destroyed it. Each of us was pulling the legs of other and we were jealous of others success which lead to end of the industry. Manawar Saeed said past was a golden era of our film industry. I worked more in Punjabi films than Urdu. He further said that the past of our film industry was great and we are looking for a great future of film industry in Pakistan. He urged people to visit cinemas houses for watching movies. It is people who encourage film makers to make film for them.
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Nabeel Qurashi said we cannot denied the role of technology in the reemergence of the film industry of Pakistan however hard work and dedication is more important than using technology. It was a hard time when I made Namlooom Afrad but now the situation of the city of Karachi has been changed. We have three sensor boards and even largest industries like Hollywood and Bollywood has only one sensor board. Fiza Ali said film is actually a dream and we convert it into the film and people come to watch dreams. Today social media has a great role in the promotion of films.

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