Aakhri Station Media Junket!

Roshaneh Zafar giving a brief introduction and synopsis of Aakhri station.

A media junket was held at The Patio to announce the launch of the upcoming drama series, “Aakhri station.”
Celebrity guests and well known personalities like Tahira Syed and Muneeba Apa at the press meet of Aakhri Station.
Lead actor Sanam Saeed, vocalist Tahira Syed, writer Anum Mufti, director SarmadKhoosat, musician Arshad Mehmood, producer Roshaneh Zafar, and creative media head, Moneeza Hashmi were all present and gladly answered all questions put forward to them by the media present.
Director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and Roshaneh Zafar together to attend the press meet of Aakhri station.
The OST, along with the promo and a message by Shabana Azmi were played and shared with those present, who profusely appreciated the effort.
Based on real-life stories, the series is set to air from 13th February, at 9pm on ARY Digital.

Ms Shanaz Ramzi comes forward to conduct a questions and answers session with the audience.
Aakhri Station is a seven-episode mini-series produced by Kashf Foundation touching upon important social issues plaguing our society, and highlights women and gender specific issues in a sensitive and realistic manner.
Ms Shanaz Ramzi with the talented Sanam Saeed and creative Sarmad Khoosat at the press meet of Aakhri station.
The PR and event management of the event was handled by STARLINKS PR and Events.
The cast and crew of upcoming tv series Aakhri station at the press meet held at the Patio.

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